Friday, June 19, 2020

The Life-Changing Magic of Sheds

One to look out for as a potential addition to your shedworking bookshelf, The Life-Changing Magic of Sheds: A Pilgrimage to the Bottom of the Garden by Henry Cole who some of you will know from television series Shed and Buried.  Here's the bumph from the publisher:
When it comes to truly finding out who you are and what makes you tick, there is one thing that needs no online subscription to a cloud-based server with a password you keep forgetting. That, my friend, is a shed.

Your shed is your refuge. It’s the place where you go when you need a break from this mad, crazy world. But a shed can only help you if it’s not attached to the house. The minute you attach the shed to the gaff, or confuse the concept of a shed with the concept of a conservatory, or a home office or a Shepherd’s Hut, you’re doing yourself over. You’re never, ever going to get spiritual enlightenment in a lean-to. That’s like going to find yourself in Thailand, and staying in the airport.

You need to make that pilgrimage to the bottom of the garden. Whether you’re walking down a muddy track or crunching along a perfect gravel path, you have to get out of the house. Breathe in the fresh air. Then pull open the door, grapple for the light switch, fire up the heaters and turn on the kettle. Once you’re inside the four walls of your shed, you can do whatever you like. You’re the king in there.
Out in September. Here's Henry chatting briefly about it:

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