Thursday, June 11, 2020

Can you claim a garden office as a business expense?

This is certainly in the top 10 questions we are regularly asked at Shedworking. Sadly, there's no simple answer and we always recommend that you talk to your financial adviser and follow their suggestions about what you can and cannot claim. There's a new Q&A from A Room in the Garden with co-owner Ivana Cavallo talking to Adam Thompson, a Corporate Tax Manager at Cardens Accountants. Here's a snippet:
What are the pros and cons of having a garden office as a company asset?
I guess, there are no real cons. If someone needs the space, they need the space. It gets the business out of the house and gives them some segregation. From a tax point of view, there are some reliefs. If you are VAT registered, you can claim the VAT back from the cost of the property. Which for a purchase of that size it is not small.
You can read the rest of the Q&A on their site here. Well worth a look.

Image courtesy Arctic Cabins

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