Friday, June 26, 2020

The Joan Aiken Writing Shed

The much loved children's writer Joan Aiken didn't actually write in a garden office (her attic was her study) but her daughter Lizza Aiken runs her mother's literary estate from the above writing shed. Here's what she says:
My mother had attempted to prepare me, and given me a tour of her study  –  ‘Don’t call it the attic!’ as she used to say… I had with her help drawn up a map of where everything was filed, although much of it was in boxes under the eaves and suitcases in between the rafters – the accumulation of fifty years and several house moves. When I brought all the paperwork – let alone multiple copies of the books in every possible language – up to my house in London, I realised I would have to build a new room for it all – hence the shed!
From the shed, Lizza runs the excellent The Wonderful World of Joan Aiken website and virtual museum. Below, she reads a short story inside the shed.

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