Monday, June 29, 2020

The Home Office Pod

Another example of the way that the coronavirus effect will affect how we work comes thanks to the launch of new garden office suppliers The Home Office Pod, based in Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire just up the road from Shedworking HQ, a sister brand to Synergy Commercial Lighting.

The design itself is an attractive, 2.4m x 1.8m x 2.1m, self-assembly flat-pack 'plug and play' garden office. According to the makers, it takes two people up to five hours to build and comes complete with electrics + USB sockets, insulation, soundproofing, carpet and LED lighting.

But what's interesting is that front and centre in their marketing is that they are targeting companies who "need garden office pods for your management team". They go on to say: "Find out how much you could save with your teams working from home". Home Office Pod point to three ways that their garden offices are attractive to management:

* Maintain your office culture by providing the same experience for employees working from home
* Meet your duty of care by providing proper equipment for your staff to work safely, comfortably and efficiently
* Reduce cost significantly with your staff spending less time and money on travelling and less time being distracted whilst at home

On top of which they will help with surveying the workforce and offering tailormade solutions, plus offering various buying ranges including leasing and short term hire.

The effects of lockdown are noticeable elsewhere in the marketing literature. "Our in-grained passion for cool offices," they say, "is burning stronger than ever and if you are no longer going into the physical workplace as much then we will bring your cool office to you."  -------------------------------------------------
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