Sunday, June 21, 2020

Workstation Cabin

For those who want to think outside the box, here's the geometrically-fascinating Workstation Cabin from Budapest-based Hello Wood. Here are the specs:

Area and space requirements: 4.34 x 3.40 x 3.60 m
Net floor area: 9.3 m2
Gross floor area: 10 m2
External height (with legs): 3.60 m (3.25 m +, 0.35 m)
Interior area: 8 m2 Internal height: 2.6 m

It is delivered fully-built with a built-in bench and electrics. Additional features include mood lighting, sound system, and air conditioner.

Hello Wood is an interesting supplier. Here's how they describe themselves:
Hello Wood started out as an art camp in 2010, and over the years, has grown into a global hub for architects, designers and woodworkers looking to new ways of sharing and producing knowledge. Today we exist both as a creative architecture and design studio and an educational platform for architectural dialogue and experimentation.

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