Saturday, February 16, 2019

An office like a garden-space inspired by monks

This project by Italian designers DEGW for pharma giant Pierre Fabre in Milan shows how far the concept of a garden office has seeped into the mainstream design of more traditional offices. According to the architects: "The layout is geared to the distinctive characteristics of each work team, in the same way a monk would take meticulous care of every single thing in their own botanical garden." They go on to say:
The concept that DEGW developed derives from a desire to create a garden-space with geometric, directional internal corridors designed like a garden of “simples” (a simple is a medicament made from a herb), where mediaeval monks once grew medicinal plants and herbs, the same that Pierre Fabre still uses to develop its main pharmacological and dermo-cosmetic products.
To add to the effect, the buildings meeting rooms and even phone booths are named after medicinal plants. More images at the link above and here for details of a similar project.
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