Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Carsie Blanton: shedworker

New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Carsie Blanton is a very happy shedworker. In an interview with The Bluegrass Situation she explains how she writes all her songs in her 8' x 8' backyard writing studio which she calls The Watermelon. Here's what she says:
It’s all mine and nobody else has a key! It’s green on the outside and watermelon-pink on the inside, and it’s filled with every object I own that inspires me or makes me feel lucky: terracotta pigs from Chile; a badger skull; milagros and alebrijes from Mexico; prints by my favorite artists; books by my favorite writers (plus a collection of rhyming dictionaries and thesauri); orchids and succulents; prayer candles from my local voodoo shop; and both of my guitars (a 1907 Washburn parlor and a cherry red 1972 Gibson ES-320). There’s also a sea-green writing desk with drawers full of markers, stamps, and newspaper clippings. When I’m ready to write, I light all the candles and water all the plants and make myself a cup of tea
In a follow-up post on instagram she writes:
I cannot stress enough how essential it has been to have a private and inspiring place to work. I want to invite creative people of all stripes (that’s YOU) to prioritize creating a safe haven for your work, where you can commune with your muse without distraction. It can be any size, anywhere - what’s important is that it’s completely yours; nobody else (and I mean NOBODY; no kids, no spouses, no lovers, no pets) can mess it up, clean it up, or leave their weird mojo lying around in it without your explicit invitation. It can be a corner of the basement, a log in the public park, or the hatchback of your car. This is a totally selfish luxury that every human should have.
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