Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Byrdlands: The Left Handed Guitar Shed

Byrdlands The Left Handed Guitar Shed - Workshop/Studio from Bottom of the Garden #shedoftheyear
Owned by Stephen Flood who has this to say about it:
The idea was to build a shed that felt like it had always been there, so it needed to feel a little bit old and a little bit wonky, hence the reclaimed heavy oak windows from a salvage yard and the corrugated roof. It is substantial and is of novel construction, built from machined tongue and groove sleepers stacked on edge and top bolted, making the walls solid 4" thick timber It was built single handedly with no real plan over a six month period in 2017. The shed is the workshop that forms the heart of a much larger project to build the ultimate left handed guitar.
More details and images at the link above. ------------------------------------------
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