Monday, July 09, 2012

Smart Garden Offices buy The Home Office Company

We reported earlier in the year that The Home Office Company was up for sale and have just learnt that Charlie Dalton's Smart Garden Offices has bought them.

"I've admired the Home Office Company range for many years," he says, "so I'm now rather pleased that we have now completed the agreement to take over the ownership of this excellent product range. The Home Office buildings have a classic and refined beauty, and like our existing Smart range, are hugely adaptable for a wide range of applications; office, studio, pool room, garden room or even as a stand alone conservatory. I was surprised to have seen The Home Office Company come up for sale earlier this year, but because of the history, design, customer satisfaction and product this business is the perfect fit for us."

He added that The Home Office Company buildings will now be manufactured in Smart's dedicated Suffolk factory alongside the Smart range but that the brand will trade entirely separately as a fully independent business -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. It looks like a mini Washington white house. I will be selling my house soon and I plan to buy something like this so I can have an office garden for my new place.

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