Thursday, July 26, 2012

Before and after garden office

Damian Fennell is writing up the story of building his own garden office sculpture/drawing studio on his blog at - here are the before and (planned) after shots of the build.

"I used to be a practising sculptor with a truly resplendent studio in Fulham," he says. "The usual life challenges led me out of it and into a full time commercial job. As jobs go, it's great, but if I don't keep alive the faltering flame of art I'm going to become a miserable shell of a man. The plan is to build a studio in my garden at home. I want to involve the kids in my passion and they can teach me how creativity really works.  I held a fire-sale of artworks and raised far more funds than I had dared hope - it's enough to buy the materials for a decent studio but I'll have to build it with my bare hands.  I'm happy with the design now, and putting in a planning application shortly. Fingers crossed..."
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