Friday, July 06, 2012

Log Cabins LV

If you buy a log cabin then it's becoming increasingly likely that it comes not only from the Baltic but more specifically from Log Cabins LV. They only sell to trade so unless you want to build a shedlike village then you probably won't be visiting their Lithuanian showroom, but you're almost sure to recognise some of their designs (inlcuding the Clock House pictured above) and it's easy to locate a dealer in the UK using their Locate A Dealer page.

Based in Latvia, the company's Kevin Langham, who designed and produced the Clock House as well as the Twin Skin Log Cabins first, says they also now have a new metal corner system that is 100% waterproof as well as an insulated static caravan that will increase in value. "My mother bought one and lost so much money in seven years," he explains, "that I decided to design something that would be almost passive, incredibly insulated, and fully fitted out for a very low price."

As well as quite traditional designs - there are a phenomenal 1,500 - they offer some rather nice innovative models including their rather attractive Pod.

"I believe in only using government controlled lumber," says Kevin, who has been supplying the UK with log cabins for 12 years, using resilient Siberian Larch rather than the European kind. "Governments in the Baltics are really on the ball when it comes to lumber stocks and how it is managed."

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  1. It's wonderful to see how man has transformed a simple thing like wooden log so much over the years. Timeless and magical, is perhaps the only words that can be associated with cabins that has endured so many changes and is yet as comfortable a home as it used to be centuries back.

  2. These are awesome cabins! Once a popular vacation dwelling located in the scenic outback, log cabins are becoming popular residence choices for many families. More than 90 per cent of all log homes are currently used as a primary residence, and many of these log homes are built in metropolitan areas. Often, when people build the log cabin for vacation getaways places, they eventually move into their log homes because of their casual rugged charm and convenience.

  3. I like how log cabins can become a simple home that is built out of wood. In the colder regions, you can even see the roof covered with thick animal hide for providing extra warmth. Very rustic.

  4. Kevin, you are an inspired genius!

  5. A log lodge is both alluring and less expensive than any conventional home. Distinctive log lodges are worked from logs with changed thickness as thick logs are utilized in huge lodges to add additional strength and protection. The sort of logs utilized in the log lodge give an alternate appeal to the log lodge home. There are two sorts of logs, one is the harsh cut round logs and the other one is processed logs which effectively fit together because of their consistency.log cabins for sale

  6. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Log Cabins LV is now, we have new designs, that hopefully soon Alex will let us advertise them on his website. If you are looking for the original cabins, twin skins and clock house please give us a call. 0208 133 5164