Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Festival Stories from the shed(s)

Shedworking’s Literary Editor, Sarah Salway, joined a team of writers to record the stories and events at the music festival, Lounge on the Farm over the weekend,working appropriately out of a shed.

The writers, Sonia Overall, Greg Klerkx, Betty Herbert, Neil Baker, Will Sutton and Sarah Salway, were part of the Re-authoring team, an initiative designed to “seek new ways to reinvigorate the reader’s encounter with the author”. Over the three days at the festival, the writers posted stories and photographs on a variety of different social media, wrote stories on post-it notes, on cards that were then pinned to the shed, collected words for songs accompanied by a ukulele, handwrote stories on coffee cup sleeves, and crowdsourced poems.

Next to the Reauthoring shed, there was a confession booth run by Betty Herbert, author of 52 Seductions, and on the other side, in a matching shed, Workers of Art were collecting wise words from festival goers for the upcoming Wise Words festival in Canterbury in October. You can add your own advice on the Wise Words public forum.

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  1. http://the1930shouse.blogspot.co.uk/10:26 AM

    What a lovely shed and well done for carrying this out since the weather is not helpful. Damn the rain, I have made zero progress on my summerhouse's makeover.