Monday, July 30, 2012

Cedar cladding: before and after

Cedar cladding which has been revived by Alternative Space. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Before anyone shouts me down, there is truly only two claddings that can really take the beating of the UK seasons, firstly there is Oak, which I believe should be completely left alone as their is not a lot left, and we should give this species a few hundred years to recover from an assault of biblical proportion, every forest owner chops them down, and hardly anyone replants. So what’s left? Yep! Our friend Larch.
    A dense, slow growth Larch has a hardness like Oak (3.2 HBS Brinell scale), but even greater resistance to decay and rot due to high tannins and has been holding Venice up from certain drowning by the bay of Venice since the 5th century, but not just any larch, Siberian Larch, and you must be over this side of the water to know where to get it, but it is incredibly expensive in the UK, and that’s if you can get your hands on the good stuff, as most of the time, its full of knots, and cut into very slim boards. Ours is almost knot free.
    There is Siberian and European, knowing the difference gives your structure about a 100 year longer life span! Slower the growth, the harder the timber, the harder the wearing..
    Over the years I have pushed my customers to push onto theirs Siberian Larch, which we have made Village Halls out of it, also 2 Million pound houses, the price is not the larch, but the scale of the dwelling.8000 sq feet plus.
    Siberian Larch is with out doubt the best that money can buy, and as it repels water, it does not go so nasty gray like cedar, but more a beautiful, rich silver...
    Our prices to trade in sectional, where we use larch for out side cladding, are many thousands cheaper than anything on the market, and as we use 22mm cladding (yes 22mm larch cladding) fully insulated, it’s difficult to say no.
    Sound like I am advertising, I am not, just pushing the fact that, quality does not cost a lot if you go to the right manufacturer.

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      I'm sorry but Siberian larch is not the premium timber for cladding. It has issues in that it cups & twists. Larch is oso prone to blue stain.
      Canadian Western Red cedar is the benchmark timber for timber cladding.
      Cedar will not rot & tends to go an attractive silver grey colour. Larch & oak can go quite black due to the tannins.

  2. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Corell Timber Ltd specialise in western red cedar and siberian larch cladding and decking.