Saturday, July 14, 2012

ManSpace magazine

While we promote shedworking as an equal opportunties possibility, the concept of the 'mancave' is still a very popular one. We're indebted to Uncle Wilco for pointing us in the direction of ManSpace Magazine which caters for this market and aims to be "a celebration of what men get up to in their spare time. From collections and hobbies, through to exotic sheds, glorious garages and man caves. ManSpace Magazine is the only magazine that taps into the personal stories and passions that make men tick; as well as providing tips and advice on how to make better use of their ‘space’." It's a 100-page quarterly and you can get an online taster version of it here. ---------------------------------------------------
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  1. Not that I'm a raging feminist, but I find the whole idea of this magazine annoying. It implies man hasn't got a space in the house, which is women's domain. Plus that women are not interested in garden buildings. I'm the one who had to nag for the summerhouse and shed to be re-roofed, my partner shows zero interest for these outdoor buildings. He has his own office in the bedroom where he can survey the comings and goings in the street. He is a keen DIYer, so it's not lack of skills...

  2. I'm afraid annoying things are part of existence, and no Politically Correct Mind Police can or should change that.
    Men sometimes like to be left alone, on their own space, women too.
    Vogue is a nauseating anorexic Brainwash rag, that promotes man-hating, New Age superstition, and self-loathing amidst healthy, sexy women, but you don't hear any man wanting to BAN it...