Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shed provides accommodation for the Olympics

Not wanting to miss out on the money-making opportunities of the Olympics, Tricia Jones has found an ingenious way of making money from the space in her garden.

For the duration of the games she has turned her shed into a mini-sporting stadium where guests can stay for just £40 per night. Based in Leytonstone which boarders the Olympic park, Tricia’s fully furnished shed – patriotically painted with the Union Flag – features a bed, Olympic memorabilia, a heater and a mini fridge, and the garden is kitted out with sporting equipment. Sports fans can test out their best poses on the mini running track or experience the thrill of carrying a replica Olympic torch. There are gold, silver and bronze medals which can be awarded on a life-size winners’ podium.

Wimdu host Tricia Jones said: “I have a long-term lodger in my house so I couldn’t get involved with renting out my spare room during the Olympics, but I got a bit creative and started thinking outside the box – or outside the house I should say! I thought the shed would be a fun way for tourists to really embrace the Games; after all, I don’t think there are many hotel rooms that come with winner’s podiums!”

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing....
    I love the simplicity. And it shows that an English Shed really can stand the test of time, and harsh conditions....