Thursday, January 19, 2012

Men's Sheds: why they're taking off in the UK

The Men's Sheds movement is definitely taking off in the UK and so it seems fitting that Uncle Wilco at Shedblog should bag the first major interview with AGE UK about their role in helping to get the shedwagon rolling. Here's a snippet:
"What were your main concerns that got Age UK involved with Men sheds?

When you visit a day centre or a lunch club, you can see that often women outnumber men by about five to one. Men do not seem to want to engage with groups that, for many people, provide valuable social contact and activities.

On top of that, we know from research that men are reluctant to access healthcare or take up benefits and support that they are entitled to. So when we learned about the success of Men’s Sheds in Australia we set out to find funding to try some ideas ourselves to meet the specific needs of lonely and socially isolated older men. Age UK then began to pilot Men in Sheds in 2009."
The whole interview is well worth a read.
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