Monday, January 30, 2012

Help to build the Friend Ship

We're big fans of crowdfunded projects here at Shedworking and here's a particularly worthy shedshaped one, the Friend Ship. The man behind the idea is Gary Clarke who runs a business building small camping trailers. "I want to see an end to the neglect of people suited to practical skills," he says. "I want to see a local community brought together to create assets and income." And this is his plan - to raise crowdsourced funding to build a wooden, low-tech, canal cruiser, built by unskilled labour trained on the job by experts, which would then offer cheap cruises on inland waterways throughout the week. Here's what Gary says:
"The primary objective is to build a social enterprise employing and sharing predominately, manual skills. Secondary benefits are an environmentally friendly product that encourages social interaction and physical exercise. Local volunteers will form a cooperative to build and develop the design for sale and into a fleet of vessels for hire. Initially all revenues will be reinvested into the business with a dividend paid to distribute profits to those involved."
For more details and to donate to the project, click here and also follow them on Twitter. Pictured below is something similar in Germany.

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