Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The future of the garden office industry

Richard Grace who runs Aarco, one of the longest established garden buildings businesses in the UK, has been ruminating on the future of the garden office and garden studio business on his blog. Here's a snippet:
"Probably driven by the continued doldrums in the building market overall the competition here remains fierce. This of course drives costs down and benefits clients, it keeps us all on our toes and maintains high quality service. Unfortunately the combined effect of increasing competition and cost pressures stresses some companies to breaking point and recently we have seen some competitors fail to make it through."
Well worth a look, especially if you are a supplier.

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  1. Well! My Trends blog got over a hundred hits today but I guess mainly competitors. I will leave the comments on because 1. Charlie Dalton seems like a good guy. 2. The comment about sleeping in our buildings is more than interesting. If you read about this on my planning page it is very clear. Human beings can sleep where they want except of course whilst driving. Supersheds are a great place to sleep and this year I expect to build at least 5 especially for this purpose.