Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nigel Oseland: shedworker

Hertfordshire-based Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, change manager, environmental psychologist and author whose Workplace Unlimited business helps people to "redefine their workstyle to create space-efficient and cost-effective workplaces that enhance business performance". He's also a shedworker (his garden office is pictured above) with whom we shared a beer at the most recent St Albans An Afternoon in the Pub meetup.

Nigel has written a nice piece about working in his garden office on his blog which is well worth a read (the other posts are fascinating) and here's a snippet:
"The distance from the house means I have fewer interruptions. The wife and children never bother me down there. I am not a fan of architectural determinism but I am a believer in Baker’s behaviour settings. Barker proposed that our experiences and expectations of a space determine how we behave in that space as much as the physical attributes of it. My family respect that the shed is my primary place of work and treat it as they would treat the office of any organisation I worked for. My main visitors these days are the occasional cat and other distractions come from the occasional squirrel running across the roof, the pitter-patter of rain and a friendly robin prospecting for worms – all welcome."
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