Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Garden office, studio, gymnasium and store

Aarco is one of the longest-established garden office companies and have a good case studies section for those wanting to get information about their builds including the client's initial request, design criteria, the main spec and - importantly - the actual costs of the entire build.

Pictured above is one example in the Wirral. According to Aarco: "With a busy work life and both partners in responsible jobs they needed a retreat in the garden where he could work on occassions in particular managing conference calls across different time zones over the web. Also the occasional days working at home both needed a space uninterupted by normal family going on in the busy household." The new building also needed to house a gym and provide general gardening storage (with an eye to using it as guest accommodation in the future).
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  1. This is really inspiring. My partner and I both work at home, we have a company together. He also composes music. We have three bedrooms, one is my office, one is his office. The music doesn't fit in and he needs a separate space, either additional space of a separate room in the house and we haven't got the space.

    This is the perfect solution! I have heard of garden rooms but thought they were basic, ordinary and like sheds. But this type of quality and build is amazing. I am considering this now as a serious option to moving to a bigger house or getting office space!

  2. Thanks for posting this Alex I did put quite a bit of time into these case studies. Whilst taking some time off to help my daughter with "nestmaking". Our 4th grandchildarrived on Friday Thomas Oliver Williams is fine and Kellie is doing well!

  3. My friend would like to use his for a gym, this is a great info.