Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruth Moser: shedworker

Somerset-based textile designer Ruth Moser has recently joined the growing ranks of UK shedworkers and is now working from a bespoke Garden Affairs studio which features a lavatory and two carports as well as a workshop area. It's an L-shaped shedworking space built with our old friends SIPS and Western Red Cedar with lovely views over the Bath valley (and nice floor to ceiling windows to allow Ruth to enjoy them). The whole of the 100sq m roof is a sedum green roof with an irrigation system.

There's lots more detail, and photos, about the build at the Garden Affairs site as well as an interview with Ruth. Here's a snippet:
"It has been my dream for many years to have my own professional studio and I have saved for many years to make this dream come true. Basically I wanted a place of my own and as my creative work requires solitude, the studio in the garden is an ideal place for me to work. From a financial perspective it also made more sense, as it is an investment that will enhance our property as a whole and add value to it. Also, with rent you get no return on your money and there is always the risk of the rental agreement being terminated for one reason or another. I wanted something permanent. From a more romantic perspective, I have always loved the idea of having my own “den”. I have fond childhood memories of spending many happy hours in my grandfathers shed or in the tree house he built for me."
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