Monday, January 09, 2012


While there are various microarchitecture-ish web sites and blogs (and indeed books), there are far fewer places to go for advice on the fitting out of your shedlike structure. A welcome addition to this happy band is the newly launched GetawayStyle set up by Jennifer Knight who is particularly interested in home design/decor for "casual, sustainable and economical retreats". Although the site is aimed at those with vacation homes, there is plenty of inspiration for shedworkers too. Here's how Jennifer describes it:
"GetawayStyle is a resource guide for vacation homeowners and anyone who wants their space to feel like a retreat. Our mission is to help save you time and money by finding authentic home furnishings and inspiring ideas that let us get away from our fast-paced lives.

We are not design snobs with unlimited budgets; we look for well-made products sold at a fair price. We make recommendations based on our instincts for good design, quality and value. Beyond style, we’re passionate about products that improve the world we live in. We support global craftsmanship, being conscious of the environment, and design that helps people enjoy their homes at every age and ability level."
Well worth a browse.
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