Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Mark Brend: shedworker

Writer, editor and publishing consultant Mark Brend works as Definite Article from a garden office in Devon. The insulated and double glazed 10ft x 8ft hut was custom built by Sheds Direct Devon. Total cost, including a concrete base, wiring and telephone/network connections came in at just over £5,000.

"The hut has been operational for nearly two years now," he says, "withstanding two very cold winters with absolutely no ill effects. Here's a photo of it last winter, and another one of me and my son Gideon applying some wood treatment last summer. I'd been thinking of going into the garden for years. I had a home office in the house, but it never quite felt like my space. The hut, however, does feel like my space - complete with desk, armchair, custom built bookshelves and bakelite phone."

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