Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Solar powered garden office

Insurance Shoppers is a health insurance brokerage owned by Jay and Louise Norris in Wellington, Colorado, which is run from their garden office. "We've always had a dream of having an office in our backyard," says Louise. "A fully insulated, finished shed makes a great place to work. Solar power works great in Colorado where we get 300 sunny days a year. Also, the whole thing only cost about $4,000, including the solar setup. A very affordable solution." You can also find them, and more photos of their shedworking atmosphere, on their Facebook page.
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  1. Well done Alex I'm just researching in to the solar power bit for our wood maison...can get PV lighting...without problems but you try finding anything cost effective when it comes to heating. Even with big leisure batteries it's a no go. Or will someone tell me otherwise!!!

  2. This would be a cool thing to have if you work from home. Instead of driving to the office, you can just step out back. It's nive an cozy and you are closer to nature. Awesome.

  3. Richard, I though you might be able to power something like a groundsource heat pump from a PV panel. I can't see anything small though, they seem to start at 8KW which seems rather a lot. Might still be an avenue worth investigating.

  4. Follow up on that idea of using PV with a heat pump.

  5. This website is great it explains exactly how to build solar panels using do it yourself methods...

    Thank You So Much!