Tuesday, November 15, 2011

India Knight just doesn't 'get' shedworking

You know that a major trend has come of age when wellknown media folk start to knock it. Following yesterday's post about Janet Street Porter's views about shedworking and homeworking, here's what India Knight has to say about garden offices in the latest issue of Red magazine:
"I write my books at the kitchen table and my Sunday Times column upstairs. In a previous house I had an office, but I didn’t like it. I get inspiration from what people are doing and saying, so I came back down to the kitchen table. I like being in the same room as my children and not acting like some genius artist locked away in the shed."
Your comments very welcome...
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  1. Having people around you who are working on the same stuff and providing input is great. Having people asking if you like their drawings or if we have run out of hoover bags etc is not productive unless thats what you happen to be writing about.... Amazon review of India Knight's Comfort and Joy

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Have you ever read any of India Knight's books? All over the place and sometimes even repeating herself.

    Get a shed.