Monday, November 07, 2011

Garden office insurance: John Lewis

Eyebrows were mildly raised when John Lewis made its first foray into the shedworking market but did you also know that they offer garden office insurance? According to John Brady, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance, the structure of your shedlike atmosphere would be covered under their Unlimited Buildings cover and contents under their Unlimited Contents cover. He adds:
"Accidental damage is the most common cause for customers to make a claim on their policy. With a summer house or garden pod, accidental damage could include breakages to the windows or fittings, subsidence destabilising the structure, or damage caused by falling trees or branches. Your home insurance policy should protect you against these mishaps by covering the costs for replacement or repair."
He adds, wisely, that shedworkers should avoid leaving computer equipment or other electrical items in their garden offices when they are unattended/unlocked and goes on to say:
"The contents of your garden office would be covered under specialist home insurance, which means you could recover the cost of any lost valuables, personal possessions, business equipment and even business stock. Remember though, that a claim won’t be valid if the theft takes place when the summer house is left unlocked or insecure."
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