Tuesday, November 01, 2011

John Peel: shedworker

Radio broadcaster, DJ and general music hero to millions, John Peel was also a shedworker. In fact he had two shedworking buildings, one for his 45s and another for his 12-inch singles. "I'll come in here to find something, and almost always find something else that I've completely forgotten about," he told Will Hodgkinson at the Guardian, "It's a great stress-reliever." In addition, he also worked out of his old garage. "The room has a boyish, den-like feel," wrote Hodgkinson, "between the racks of records and CDs are football memorabilia, photographs of his wife, Sheila, and hot rod magazines from the 50s and 60s."
The sheds now form part of a very successful touring theatre production called John Peel's Shed by John Osborne. Details of forthcoming performances here.
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