Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shepherds' huts for a florist and chiropracter

To underline that shedworkers can run all kinds of businesses from their garden offices, shepherd hut specialists the New Forest Hut Company have been blogging about two recent commissions. The first is for a florist in Hampshire to go in her cottage garden to be used as a workroom. Here are some details:
We will put extra windows to give more light and a stable door. No wood burning stove as this may give out too much heat for the blooms! - also the corners of the hut will have large buckets in containing flowers. Inside the wood cladding will be painted an antique white with hard-wearing eggshell and the wooden cottage windows a darker shade. The floor will be reclaimed antique pine floor boards - we'll varnish them in a matt varnish - will be very hard wearing and any spills can be mopped up as the varnish will protect the wood - we also think that reclaimed wood improves with wear so will always look lovely!
The second is for a chiropracter who will use the shepherd's hut as a treatment room at her home in Taunton, Somerset:
She has been working from home - with teenage children coming and going, she's decided that it would be more relaxing for her clients to be away from the house. A Shepherds Hut is the ideal answer, sited at the bottom of the garden and reached by a gravel path, there is no need to go into the house (there's also an outside gardener's loo on the back of the house for patients' convenience!). There will be electric running from the main house to sockets for an electric treatment couch and a slimline eco-electric radiator which will keep the temperature constant during the winter months.
More details at their interesting blog.
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