Thursday, June 02, 2011

Euan Gray: The Bothy

Those of you who missed out on the Ideal Home Show in Scotland this year missed a treat, Euan Gray's Bothy. "The idea behind The Bothy project is to create a kit-build, semi-permanent structure that can be fitted into gardens, existing ruins, foundations, forests, forgotten places," he says, "the kind seen frequently throughout Scotland as a result of highland clearances, declining rural populations and the changing use of the landscape. This is a small attempt to reconnect with those places and keep the memories alive."

The Bothy was built from locally sourced, low impact and readily available materials, and is fully recyclable. It features a sleeping area/futon, storage unit, fold-out picnic table, seating area and fold-away wood burning stove, in a 2.3m x 3.2m shell. And do have a browse around the rest of the projects on his web site which features more detail about the Bothy project as well as a chimpanzee house.
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