Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Edward Elgar: possible shedworker

There's no actual proof that composer Edward Elgar wrote any of his music in his summerhouse. On the other hand, it beggars belief that he didn't at least hum a few bars in there to try ideas out. In any case, the lovely thatched summerhouse in his cottage garden at the Elgar Birthplace Museum, Lowere Broadheath, Worcester, has been given a wash and brush up and is now in fine condition again.

It was originally in the garden of his last home, Rainbow Hill, Worcester, but when that was demolished the summerhouse was saved and donated to the museum in 1982. Thatching has been completed by local experts Jem Raison and Paul Clemons and now means the public can again sit in the master's favourite shedlike atmosphere.
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