Monday, June 13, 2011

Eoin Colfer: shedworker

Author of the Artemis Fowl novels for children and most recently Plugged for adult readers, Eoin Colfer lives in Wexford, Ireland, where he writes in a garden office. In an interview with CITV he says: "Usually I spend my day writing in my shed at the end of the garden. I sometimes call it the Bat-Shed, which no-one finds amusing but me and other comic book geeks." Elsewhere he has spoken about how he used to write in an office in his house but when a new baby was born, he had their garden shed converted into an office. This is how he describes it to Boyd Tonkin at The Independent: "I've just got a new room: an old stable that we've converted. It's a palace of a writing room, with its own bathroom - a step up from the shed where I worked for ten years."

Lifehacker also has a marvellous quote by the writer from the Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. "He says that as he gets older, working in his office, rather than wherever the possibility arises, becomes more important. “I’m 44 and unless I’m in my shed with my own chair and my music and my own banana and my own bottle of water, it’s hard.” And here he is on his commute to work: "I write in my office in the garden. It is close to the house but even crossing the garden is enough for me to feel I am going to work."
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