Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cupar Ceramic Co: shedworkers

The Cupar Ceramic Co is run by Diane from her garden office in Cupar, Fife. It was built by local experts Saltire Stables to be what Diane calls a "garage/workshop/pottery studio/summerhouse" that shes designed herself and in which she makes her pottery. "We decided to build it as when we bought the house the original garage was about to fall down," she says. "So we decided to design a new garage. The original designs were done on the back of an envelope and Saltire helped us make them a reality. They were very patient and helpful and worked with us until we were happy with the final design.

"We wanted the building to still be a double garage if we or anyone in the future wanted to use it for that, hence the two sets of doors at the front. But we also wanted to use it for a art studio, summerhouse and workshop. We have two sets of glass doors opening up onto a deck and four long windows along the length which means we can sit in the studio and summerhouse and look out into the garden. The summerhouse takes up about a quarter of the garage and has a kettle, microwave, sofa and table insode. It's so relaxing to sit and read the Sunday papers there or on the deck. It's also a great place to hold a party or barbecue!"
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