Monday, June 27, 2011

Gardeners' World Live: best shedworking in show

We're catching up rapidly with the shedworkingesque show gardens at this year's major garden shows. Today, we're looking at the Gardeners' World Live starting with The Bodgery Sponsored by Vertibax (back and joint support specialists) which won a Gold Medal and Best in Show Facade for Chris Myers. It was a lovely Bodger's working hut, inspired by the traditional art of bodging (making chair legs and spindles) and a Bodger working in Chris's local wood on the Bolton Abbey estate.
More specifically garden officey was Working with Nature, designed by Anna and John Harrison and sposnored by Blue Gate Horticulture (theme: humans working alongside nature): the design showcased how the shed can be a fine and relaxing place to work.
The garden was also planted with bee and insect friendly plants to show how a garden can be productive while we are in the garden office, hard at work.
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  1. These photos are great, almost like a fairy tale. Good post, thanks for sharing

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