Monday, June 06, 2011

1,570 sheds, 11,000 votes, here are the winners...

The biggest shed event of the year is nearing its climax. After a hectic few weeks of voting, here are the category winners for Shed of the Year 2011.

Shed 1) Normal Shed
Mysterious Shed, Birgit Gova, Four Oaks, West Midlands

Shed 2) Eco Shed
The Ark, Chris,Wiltshire

Shed 3) Garden Office
Calum's Shed (Mary's Meals International HQ), Mary's Meals, Craig Lodge, Dalmally, Argyll (pictured above)

Shed 4)Cabin/Summerhouse

Pretty pink palace, Mags Ambler

Shed 5)Workshop/Studio

Songs from the Shed, Jon Earl,Clevedon N Somerset

Shed 6) Unique
Pop's Diner, Paul Suidowski

Shed 7) Pub
The George & The Dragon, George Blackwell, Maidenhead

Shed 8) Tardis
BlueBox Type 40, John Williams, Newport, South Wales

Shed 9) Other
The Bygones Museum, GT Yarmouth, Norfolk

All the details over at Shedblog, home of that most industrious sheddie Uncle Wilco. Now the judging panel - including Sarah Beeny, Gordon Thorburn, Wilco, last year's winner Reg, and myself - sit in judgement to decide which one will walk away with the coveted first prize...
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