Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday surgery: prefab panels

It's been a while since we had a regular slot but since so many readers send in their queries to Shedworking, we thought it was about time that we instituted a regular column in which we present a reader's query or question and call upon you talented readers to help with answers. So if you have anything, big or small, for which you'd like a crowdsourced response (which will be far better than the Shedworking staff trying to help), then please get in touch.

So on to our first query from Catherine...
"I was interested to read your blog and wonder if you might know the answer to our dilemma. We recently ordered a Tenbieight summerhouse by Shackup (from B&Q) for about £1,000, but upon delivery we very quickly realised that the large panels wouldn't fit through our house. We have since looked at other options but it seems that even though they are 'flatpack' summerhouses come in very large panels. We were advised that another option would be a log cabin, but we want something stylish as it is going to be quite prominent in the garden, but the log cabins which do meet that criteria are all a lot more expensive than the summerhouse we already ordered. Do you know of any contemporary summerhouses which come in smaller panels? Or are there any other options ie. having one built (bearing in mind we have a fairly limited budget)? We have already laid the concrete and the shed must fit in a 10x8ft footprint.
Please leave your comments and advice below...
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  1. Seems to me that most will go through. If so then modify the big bits (cut in half then rejoin).

    Otherwise send it back and buy bespoke.

  2. I left a comment which said cut up then repair the big pieces or send it back and buy something else.