Thursday, May 12, 2011

Commuting: what is it costing you?

Another great infographic from Love/Hate Travel. We particularly like the stat that 61% of communters would spend more time with family or exercising if they worked from home. Click on the image to see it at a more readable size.
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  1. I work from home ... or rather out of my car. I counsel kids in a 2 county area. I'm supposed to go see them twice a week ... once at home, once at school. I used to counsel kids in a 4 county area, but the fuel costs were just eating me up. Right now I only have 9 schools and 11 homes to travel to. I put in somewhere around 1,000 to 2,000 miles a week. Even with planning a logical flow ... some kids don't show up to school, go on doctor visits, family emergencies that take them out-of-state or 6 counties away ... so I end up making several trips more than planned. All fuel costs come directly out of my own pocket. Occasionally I ride my bicycle to visits within a 10 mile radius of my cabin (386 sq ft in size).