Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Innocent Oils: shedworkers

Helen James runs Innocent Oils from a purpose-built garden office in Ipswich: the company aims to create "the very best botanical skin care using the finest raw ingredients nature has to offer" using organic ingredients, sourced from small producers, and with a particular fondness for 100% Hemp Seed Oil, vegan skin care products and gluten/wheat-free play dough. Here's what Helen says about her new garden office:
"Since moving in just recently it has been a joy to walk to work about 100 feet from home and come snow, rain, or shine, my coffee breaks have been enjoyed on the veranda. Listening to the birds tweeting in the garden, and the radio chattering away in the background to keep me company. It's been a year of hard work and blisters to get to this, but the effort has been worth every plaster, and sore finger without a shadow of a doubt."
Click the slideshow image above for a look at how it was all built.

You can read a nice interview with her in the East Anglian Daily Times and find them on Twitter too.
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