Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden office on wheels

The rather cosy garden office of interior designer Jennifer Farrell is showcased on Sunset. Jennifer designed it herself to fit nicely onto her decking underneath her fig tree and give her nice views over the garden (hence the use of plexiglass in the walls). According to Sunset:
"The floors are inexpensive particle board, stained dark espresso to suggest hardwood. And, to save costs, instead of hardwiring, Farrell ran a weatherproof extension cord under the deck and up through a hole in the floor of the pod, popping up just under the desk."
Best of all, the whole thing is on small but strong casters so she can move it around easily and avoid the delights of planning permission/building permits.
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1 comment:

  1. And she might be able to get Capital allowances on it too - I believe 'moveable' is one of the (bizarre) definitions that HMRC applies to reclaiming tax on garden buildings...

    Though I've never really had a straight answer from anyone. Including my (soon to be-ex) accountant!