Monday, April 26, 2010

Every garden needs a shed…

The lovely Deborah Nagen from architects and designers naganjohnson has been in touch to tell us about their ongoing project in Canada for the Metis International Garden Festival called 'Every garden needs a shed and a lawn…'. Here's what she says:
"It's a conceptual look at the 'elements' of a good garden and a humorous take on the English habit of plonking sheds and lawns in our gardens before thinking about the design at all. The garden consists of 10 sheds with themes such as 'pollination', 'beauty', 'soil' and 'water' - each shed has a thought provoking interior, a window and a tiny garden, so, for example, the 'Pollination' shed is full of jars of honey (about 1,000 of them, from a local honey supplier), and a garden consisting of 10 lavender bushes.
All marvellous, the only specifically shedworking space is 'Beauty', pictured above, which boasts a simple white desk and chair in a white shed with a slit view of a white runway where someone might pose for a statue. Deborah blogs at Peculiarspaces too which is well worth a browse.
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