Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Studio in the garden

Claire Wren from Austin, Texas is among the latest entrants to John Coupe's new design a shed competition (see the other entries here) with this marvellous shedworking design which creates an all weather work space that can be completely opened up to the integrated exterior spaces. Here's what she says:
"The largest portion of the program is dedicated to a large interior studio space where the user can paint, sculpt, design and create. The rear wall of the studio space has cabinets for storage, a sink and stone counter tops to serve as another work surface. The studio space is flanked by a storage room and a half bath room. The three exterior walls of the central studio space open up onto separate porches with accordion glass doors. The main porch is completely covered and the smaller porches to either side are covered by integrated trellises."
The judges of the competition include garden designer and television presenter James Alexander-Sinclair; Justin Anthony owner and editor of materialicious the shelter, materials and objects site; and Su Butcher of Barefoot & Gilles, Architects and Development Consultants. John and I will also be closely involved.

UPDATE: The winners can be seen here.
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  1. Sorry to be a pain do we no which scheme won?

  2. Winners at http://www.secrets-of-shed-building.com/Porch-shed-competition-results.html

  3. http://www.secrets-of-shed-building.com/Porch-shed-competition-results.html

  4. The Art Shed Pt2 was my stand out favourite for adding a bit of drama to procedings, but you can't fault the winner which also added a bit of practicality (storage)