Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bus hotel: shedworking on the move

Writer and architect Aristide Antonas has a fascinating Flickr site full of intriguing microarchitectural structures, the most shedlike of which is this rather clever Bus hotel pictured (and with a long and interesting philosophical description attached which is worth reading about 'shell' and 'function'). The concept is essentially a double decker bus converted into a live-work structure. Here's a snippet of what he says:
"The bus can also be used by small commuting communities such as the professors of off town Universities... Researchers of any kind or travelers, people that commute between cities or observers of difficult areas such as divided Cyprus or Palestine can use this setting that is proposed already with the equipment and the emptied interior of the bus."
Well worth a browse.
Via Core 77 by Michael Janzen on twitter

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