Monday, December 07, 2009

Come along to the Shedworking Christmas Party!

Although shedworking is a marvellous way to work, there's no argument that it almost always also means no office Christmas party. But this year there's no need to cry into your mince pies, all alone in your garden office because we'll be holding the first Shedworking Christmas Party online via the marvellous (and free) tinychat. If you've not used tinychat before, it's very easy and you don't need to download anything at all - all you need is a computer and webcam and then everybody can tell bad jokes together. We'll be running it next Monday, December 14, from 1pm until 2pm. I'll post about it here in the morning as a reminder and also on twitter. Looking forward to seeing you and your party hat!

And to get you in the mood, the marvellous Peter Bestel has added a lovely festive feel to the iconic Shedworking garden office image (above).

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