Monday, December 28, 2009

Tiny maritime shed museum

Maritime enthusiast and retired boatbuilder Robert Carter has customised his 12ft X 6ft shed into a titchy, but highly impressive, maritime museum which holds treasures such as a powder keg from the Battle of Trafalgar. As reported on, entry to the Plymouth-based museum - which is perhaps the smallest museum in the world - is free. He told the: "It is great to see people's reactions when they come in. It is like they can't believe what they're seeing. Most people who visit are genuine enthusiasts so they really appreciate the pieces I have and how rare they are. My ambition would be to get a decommissioned light ship put in the garden so I could turn it into a full sized museum." Mr Carter has been working on the collection for more than 40 years. More photos, inside and outside, at the Daily Mail.

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