Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How shedworking can provide life tools

17-year-old Nick Coggin of Scout Troop 4 in Westborough is close to becoming an Eagle Scout thanks to his recently completed project: designing and building a garden shed for the Westborough Historical Society, as reported by the Westborough News. He did the whole thing from scratch, choosing materials, working on a design, and then obtaining funds to get the project off the ground before delegating tasks to scouts in his troop. Here's what he said:
“Building the shed taught me how to organize my thoughts into a plan, how to communicate what was needed, and how to organize a work team."

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  1. A really useful shed experience. Well done!

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  3. Nick,

    I am an Eagle living in Chicago. I earned my award way back in 1974. I built my shed, with my son, two years ago when I was 50. I wish I would have built it when I was your age.

    Congratulations on attaining the rank of Eagle and on completing your fine looking shed.

    tom olofsson