Friday, December 04, 2009

New service will track shedworkers' carbon footprint

AMEE and AlertMe have launched a home/shedworker carbon tracker service to monitor the energy and carbon usage of shed/homeworkers working for companies who can then use the results to meet their carbon reduction commitments. Here's how they explain it:
With the new service, home workers will set up an AlertMe Energy Kit to monitor and report on their home energy usage. This information will be sent to AMEE to calculate the equivalent carbon footprint. That data will then be fed back to the company in a format that is easy to understand and track, and which combines with the rest of the company’s carbon footprint information. Carbon data can be viewed live, per-home or collectively, and can be stored and reported in any format to meet with standard reporting frameworks, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and CRC, or provide visual graphs to represent the organisation’s carbon usage over time.
Companies interested in taking part should email for more information.

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