Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Plankbridge shepherds' huts restoration case studies

Shepherds' hut specialists Plankbridge have redesigned their web site and also added an excellent section on case studies of restoration work they've carried out. Pictured above is an example, the Chawton House restoration, Alton, Hampshire, once the home of Jane Austen and her family. Here's what they say:
The hut had become very derelict in one of the woods, and they were keen for it to be on display again. We rebuilt it using as much of the original as we could. It had previously been some kind of agricultural wagon, very heavily built with an oak frame and stout ironwork. At some point it had been converted to a shepherds hut, hence the unusual proportions.

We had to restrain ourselves from doing too much obvious restoration, as it needed to look in keeping with the surroundings, and not in any way like a new build. The original pitch pine door and some of the cladding remains sound, but there were still many, many hours put into this project. The hut can now gently mellow down as the new oak weathers, and hopfully William Parsons, the old shepherd whose name is carved inside the door, would be proud to see his hut back home again.
Well worth a visit to read about the others.
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