Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Railway shed office conversions

One of the latest trends in shedworking is converting old railway sheds into modern offices. Pictured above is an artist's impression from Snook Architects of how a Victorian railway shed in Birkenhead might look after Merseyside Estates turns it into 20,000 sq ft of offices with a mezzanine and central communal area with café and meeting areas. Interestingly, according to Place North West, the building was converted into offices by a previous owner but failed to let and has been empty for ten years: let's hope it's shedworking time has come. Thanks to Jo Disney for the alert.

Other examples include the one featured in the Sydney Morning Herald
where Philip Hopkins writes:
'It was a challenge.' Lorenz Grollo used these words a lot in describing his company's mammoth task: restoring the 120-year-old No. 2 Goods Shed in Docklands. This was no ordinary upgrade. It was about turning a rusting and deteriorating steel and brick hulk - 110 metres long and 35 metres wide, stretching from Collins Street to Bourke Street - into a modern building with a five-star environmental rating, and ensuring its long-term commercial future.
Lots more details at the SMH site.
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