Friday, October 16, 2009

Songs From The Shed

Songs From The Shed, run by Jon Earl, bills itself as a "music video site specialising in hand made acoustic sessions from a garden shed". And it does exactly what it says on the tin. Above is new folk sensation Jackie Oates and her band with the lovely Month of May. Well worth exploring the site for more fine musicians. Here's how Jackie describes the shed on her blog:
The setting for this came as something of a revelation to us. Jon is a music lover who makes films of bands playing acoustic sets, live in his garden shed. The shed itself, is decorated with all manner of bizaare objects which Jon found whilst clearing the shed, including a very sinister looking jack in the box, made out of a cork, various books, and live stock certificates. Mike and James arrived, and we filmed 4 songs for the site. My only regret is that I was in casual dress mode, wearing a stripy jumper which, on camera. gained a strobe like affect and looked as though it was a portal to another universe.

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