Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Airstream: PanAmerica Travel Trailer

The PanAmerica is a new-ish 34ft Airstream travel trailer which includes a built-in garage bay which as the makers themselves say can be used "as a mobile office, a base for show dogs, or even an artist's studio". Here's a bit more bumph from them:
A gull-wing exterior door with slide-out ramp is incorporated into the trailer's tail, and a pass-through door in the bulkhead with porthole window offers easy access to the living quarters. Choose to equip your garage bay with any combination of storage lockers, cabinets, tabletop work areas and tie downs. And of course, electrical outlets and speakers linked to the trailer's crystal-clear sound system come standard.
Thanks to James Westwater for the alert


  1. love airstream, but the trouble with their new ones compared with their old ones is weight. our '73 is so light, even loaded with our stuff, it can be pulled with an ordinary pickup truck. no heavy-duty tow vehicle necessary.

    there are also some complaints about finish quality on the new (very pricey) ones...

    a great online resource for anyone interested in acquiring a new or used airsteam is http://www.airforums.com/