Thursday, October 22, 2009

Richard Eyre names Shedworking as his favourite blog

Former Chief Executive at Capital Radio, ITV and Pearson TV and currently chairmen of the Internet Advertising Board Richard Eyre has rather nicely named Shedworking as his favourite blog at the i-level summit. Richard discussed the Shedworking approach at some length in an interesting article in Media Week last year when he looked at the rise of the amateur publishing on the internet. At one point he did say (though I think he meant it in a good way):
And indeed there are the downright loony, such as Shedworking, described as "the only daily updated guide to the lifestyles of shedworkers and those who work in shed-like atmospheres". Don't you love that - the planner sucks his pencil and says: "Nah, shedworkers is too narrow; it'll never fly. Better broaden the appeal - add shed-like environments."
But finished the article like this:
So what is happening around us, as control is democratised and seats at the table of power are shared among the millions rather than the privileged handful, is that the philosophical aspirations of one of the great political movements of the world are being fulfilled in arguably the most important theatre of society - the media.

Here, the democracy that Marx aimed to create by political process has been wrought by the empowerment and independence of the individual and powered by technology. Shedworking is more significant than it first appears.

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  1. Well it's quite obvious he has not read the other shed site then... ;) as we are much more amateur than you are...